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For Decades, recruiters have been looked down upon by the stakeholders of various business functions. However, Strategic techno-functional recruiters who understand the business in and out have been successful to establish their place and have positioned themselves along with other strategic business folks.
Hence, It is super essential for a Talent Acquistion/Sourcer/recruiter to understand the high level picture of how the company functions and grows. For this to happen, One should atleast know the fundamentals of Sales, Technical department.
This course dives deep into the lifecycle of sales and software development in both services based and product based companies, Simultaneously, It also emphasizes on different roles and their KRA & KPI’s giving you an excellent understanding of the roles which you would hire once you join either one of type of companies.

Note: The Course isn’t ready yet, Kindly wait for few days.

What Will I Learn?

  • Become aware of everything in out of Sales
  • Get sound understanding of entire development phases
  • Become familiar with different roles in an organization.

Topics for this course

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All things on sales and development phases
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Material Includes

  • Video lessons,
  • Attachment


  • Willingness to learn
  • Laptop
  • Internet

Target Audience

  • All sourcers, recruiters and HR professionals.