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Sourcing is the most critical and important skill to have for any talent acquisition professional. With the said, Sourcing along with excellent candidate engagement makes the entire lifecycle of recruitment a breeze. In this course, We shall start by understanding the fundamentals of search and how to make the most out of the traditional sourcing channels. Post that, we shall deep dive into Web 2.0 methods to leverage the web to source the untapped talent and passive talent.

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Predominantly, this course suits best for Indian market however many strategies can be utilized on various other international markets.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the true art of sourcing
  • Strategies to source active candidates
  • Strategies to source passive candidates
  • Reach out by Personalization

Topics for this course

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Basics of sourcing?

Here we would learn about how internet, web and other platforms to leverage soucing purple squirrels.
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Sourcing Quiz

Material Includes

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  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Willingness to learn

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  • All Skill levels